So, Blog No. 3(?)

Well, time to give RPG blogging another try. This time, I'll try and stick to it.

My name is Nadav, I'm 26 years old and I've been playing since I was at least 3 years old.
Over the past several years I've tried blogging about RPGs - campaigns I've run, ideas I've come up. Neither of the 2 blogs had lasted. Encouraged to try again by seeing others at the OSR Discord server starting their own, I opened a new blog. This time, it even has a name I don't feel is forced.

I've decided to give an entire post to the first one, despite having other things to write about right now, because I'm normally a person of few words and I want to break out of that habit. I want to provide a full look into what goes on in my head and around my table. I plan to start breaking that habit by being wordy here and now.
I've got a couple of topics.

The Name of the Blog
I was struggling for at least 10 minutes, trying to come up with a name I like. I went through some names I put in video games and rejected them all. Then I thought about emulating other new, recent blogs. Rejected quickly. Then I tried really thinking and it dawned on me - the single most consistent frustration I have with the hobby is that I run it bilingually. I constantly shift from my native Hebrew to the English of the games, making translation a mess I need to deal with, and one in which errors can regularly crop up. So I frequently need to save vs translation error. Hence the name. I like it.

Immediate Post Plans
The nearest upcoming posts will involve 2 sides of the same topic - my home campaign, played IRL. I'll be putting up 2 more posts immediately following this one, no later than Monday evening (GMT+3). The first will be about the setting, the second will be session reports for the first 2 sessions of the campaign.
That said, I'll give you a taste, if you don't have one (or several) from the OSR Discord server: the setting is called Adenheim, a large city-state in a relatively typical fantasy world. The campaign is set in the city and home to, right now, 2 players and their 2 characters. I already know a thing about the setting and a thing about the campaign - the setting is more than I can make use of as I am right now, the campaign is probably going to shift gears with a TPK sooner rather than later (more on this in the session reports).

Long-term Post Plans
Longer term, I have more plans for the blog besides Adenheim. First and foremost is putting down the ideas and thoughts I have about house rules and other cool stuff. Beyond that, I want to explore other setting and general OSR stuff. I know I'll get some house rules posts going in the immediate future, but not precisely sure when.

So there you have it, my plans for this blog. I hope you enjoy the ride.
See you soon.


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